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Don’t Be Frightened of Your Paper Pile

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Don’t Be Frightened of Your Paper Pile

Organizing paper files and photos can be scary! Paper and printed photos can pile u and are easy to store and forget, until they turn into monsters in the back of your closet or start molding in your basement. Here’s a real treat: our favorite solutions for organizing papers and photos.

Fright-Free Photo Storage Ideas

Photo albums and scrapbooks

Photo albums are great ways to store photos is a clean and safe manner. Albums come in all sizes, colors, and picture size options. You can organize them chronologically or by person! If you have a creative streak, you can do the same thing with a binder and acid free sleeves. Scrapbooks are great ways to add in extra things to your photos like event tickets or small mementos.


You can scan your own photos or send them to a service. Then, invest in a few digital frames that put your photos on slide shows. You can have one of your kids, one for holiday photos, one for ancestors, even one for travel photos.

Steps for Organizing Your Photos

  1. Move all of your photos to one place.
  2. Sort through photos and discard duplicates (or share with family members)
  3. Categorize photos – by year, by event, by family, or however makes sense to you
  4. Pick your storage option (albums, digitization, photo boxes)

Tackling the Paper Monster

Paper is a trickier pile to organize, but this is a good time of year to get ahead of it before you have to file taxes. One of the simplest first steps is to create a process for what paper is stored and what can be recycled. Then after you know what you need to keep, have designated places where it always goes can help with incoming paper, whether that is a file cabinet, or a tabletop paper divider

  • Take steps to sort out the piles of paper you have laying around.
  • Develop a smart filing system.
  • Digitize the papers you can
  • Move to paperless billing wherever possible
  • Shred anything you no longer need – the safest bet for those old documents with sensitive information is to shred them before you recycle

It might be a scary time of year, but when you get control of your photo and paper piles, it will feel a lot more festive.

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