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Bathroom Organization Tips

bathroom organization tips

Bathroom Organization Tips

bathroom organization tips[fusion_text]We get it – everyone is busy. In the rush to get ready and out the door in the morning, the bathroom often suffers a bit of abuse. But these bathroom organization tips are designed to help you keep your bathroom looking fabulous, even when you’re in a hurry. Keeping your bathroom organized doesn’t have to be a major headache. A few minor steps can keep things orderly, organized and clean.

Here are our favorite bathroom organization tips:


Keep the toilet lids closed. This always makes the bathroom look cleaner.

Be the favorite future mother-in-law. Teach your boys to wipe up after themselves using disinfectant wipes each time they go. (Their wives will thank you later).

Avoid make-up messes. When applying make-up, spread an old towel across the sink and counter to keep them clean.


Save space. Do you keep extra towels on shelves? Rolling them will save your space.

Use storage bins, baskets, drawers and closets to store as many items as possible out of sight. Only keep items used daily on the counters.


Make cleaning easier. Use after shower spray to keep your tile looking fresh. If you have shower doors, keep a shower squeegee handy and give the doors a quick swipe after your shower.

Nightly wipe down. Use a disinfecting wipe to wipe down the toilet, sink and counters every night before bed. While it won’t replace a weekly deep clean, it will keep it looking and smelling fresh.

Get rid of musty odors. Empty hampers completely at least once a week to eliminate musty smells. In between, keep a refrigerator pack of baking soda at the bottom of the hamper to absorb odors.

Use the fan. Install and use ventilation fans in the bathrooms, especially during and after showers to vent the steam. Change vinyl shower curtains frequently and launder window dressings and decorative shower curtains often.

Bathroom organizing doesn’t have to be hard. Taking 5-10 minutes every day to do a quick clean up will pay off in droves when you’re not spending several hours each weekend scrubbing the bathroom clean and dealing with all the clutter.

What are your favorite bathroom organization tips?[/fusion_text]

Cris Sgrott

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