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Back to School Organizing Tips

back to school organizing tips

Back to School Organizing Tips

back to school organizing tipsThe kids are back to school and already it might feel like a whirlwind has come through your home and deposited half a school in your kitchen/living room/hallway. When you start adding all the dates to the calendar that go along with school – sports, choir concerts, parent-teacher conferences – it pays to get organized now. Here are some of our best back to school organizing tips (and we’d love to hear yours, too!)

Minimize the Stress

Not only does organization help you but it also helps your children have a better day. When they’re not rushing out the door stressed, eating a piece of toast because they didn’t have time for breakfast, they are better able to focus on learning. Read more tips on how to make your morning routine and after school routine work for you:

Back-to-School Organizing: Beyond the School Supplies

Keep Track of Everyone’s Schedule

Sometimes, the hardest part of the school year isn’t the school day – it’s all the other chaos that come along with it, like open house and parent-teacher meetings, after-school activities and sports, weekend games and events and more. It’s hard to keep track of it all, especially if you’re working and have to manage your own schedule too. Whether you use a day planner, Google calendar, or a white board, the most important thing to do is get everyone’s obligations on the calendar. Then you can easily see where there might be conflicts, or when you’ll need to arrange for a child to get a ride home from a game. Read more tips on minimizing the chaos of the school year:

Back to School Organization: Tips to Minimize Chaos

Get off to a Good Start

Do everything you can to make it easier on everyone: pack lunches the night before, lay out clothes before bedtime. Make sure homework is done and the backpack is packed and ready. Make sure there is enough time in the morning to have five minutes just to talk, breathe, and have hugs goodbye. Read more of our favorite tips for getting off to a good start: Organizing Tips for Back to School

From creating a work space for your child to making sure they have an organized locker, there are many ways to make the school year less stressful. What are your best back to school organizing tips?

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