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Organization Tips: Controlling Kid Chaos

controlling kid chaos

Organization Tips: Controlling Kid Chaos

controlling kid chaosIt’s the height of summertime and if you have kids, that means kid chaos has entered your home. Whether your home is typically museum-quality perfection or barely held together with duct tape and chicken wire, adding kid chaos to the mix can be stressful. It can also sap your motivation for decluttering and organizing.

Whether you have a playroom or just the kids’ bedrooms to work with, there are some easy ways to organize the mess to help in controlling kid chaos.

Here are our favorite ideas:

Enlist Your Child’s Help

Cleaning up their own space is an important skill to teach your kids. This can start as early as age 1. The kids can help you put toys in the toy bin. As they get older, you can encourage them to take responsibility for putting away what they get out. In addition, they can clean up their own messes, and learn to keep a tidy space. To get their more enthusiastic buy-in, let them choose where their toys should be stored and how their room should be organized.

Ziploc Bags Are Your Friends

Legos, game pieces, marbles, and other easy-to-lose, painful-to-step-on items can be quickly and easily organized using ziploc bags. Game pieces stored this way will fit in the original box and prevent loss. You can even store puzzle pieces in a ziploc so they won’t get lost. To keep the kid chaos under control, encourage your child to put away what they’re doing before moving on to the next activity.

Manage Kid Chaos with Containers

Shelves, bins, baskets, and plastic drawers can help you and your child organize toys, games, puzzles and more for easy access and easy cleanup. Label storage containers so it will not only be helpful for knowing what’s in each bin but can help younger children recognize letters and words early.

Motivate Kids to Help Clean Up

Whether you play a game to make clean up more fun, like setting a timer to see how fast they can work, or simply develop a routine with your kids to help them get in the habit of cleaning up every evening, consistency can make a difference. With younger kids, it’s often effective to have cleanup be part of bedtime routine. With older kids, you can withhold privileges (TV and video game time, time out with friends) until clean up time is done.

Controlling kid chaos can make life easier for you and your child. If this is a new approach, give yourself and your child time to make it a habit.

How do you keep kid clutter under control?

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