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Declutter Your Bedroom

declutter your bedroom

Declutter Your Bedroom

Your bedroom does not have to be an extension of your closet, with clothes everywhere. It can be an oasis – a peaceful sanctuary from the day’s stresses. To create that kind of paradise in your bedroom starts with decluttering. To declutter your bedroom, set aside a couple of hours, and start with these tips:

Take an initial survey

Walk through the bedroom with a basket and grab anything that doesn’t actually belong in the bedroom. Remove items like mail, newspapers, laptops, laundry (unless it’s in a hamper), and anything the kids may have dragged into your room.

Clean off any flat spaces

Dressers, night-tables, and shelves should be emptied entirely and dusted. Only return to the surfaces the things you must have there. Limit the number of photos and accessories. Remember, less clutter = less stress. Use decorative jewelry boxes sparingly.

Empty all your dresser drawers

Store any off season clothing in underbed bins or out-of-the-way shelving. Donate anything that doesn’t fit or you haven’t worn in a year.  Throw away anything that is stained, torn, or simply stored for “just in case.” Refold and return any current clothes to the dresser.

Organize your closet

For some people, this may be an entire project on its own. Donate anything you haven’t worn in a year. Use storage solutions such as shelves, hanger bars, storage bins, shelving units or garment bags that will work well in your unique space. Clear plastic is always a good choice as it will save time when you’re ready to change over seasonal clothing or are looking for a specific piece.

Make your bed

Keeping your bed made keeps the room looking clean. If you can also make a habit of putting laundry away as soon as its done rather than allowing it to pile up on the bed, chair or on top of the dresser, you’ll love your space so much more.

Bedrooms don’t have to be storage units. They really can be escapes. What suggestions would you add?

Cris Sgrott

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