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Tidy Homes Are Easier to Organize

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Tidy Homes Are Easier to Organize

living roomWhether you do your own weekly cleaning or have a cleaning service come in on a weekly or monthly basis, tidy homes are easier to organize, clean, and enjoy. Keeping a home tidy takes everyone pitching in, so if it hasn’t been a habit, it may need a family meeting to get things off to a good start. Tidy homes are even better for our stress levels. Here are some basic tips to keeping a tidy home:

Everything Has a Place

As simple as it seems, this is actually one of the most challenging factors to keeping things tidy. Most of us have too much stuff, so having a place for everything can be difficult. What’s even more difficult is getting everything to its place.

Maniac Tip: Every time you walk into a room, take three things that don’t belong where they are and put them away.

Have Staging Areas

If you have designated places that things go until you’re done using them, it can also help you keep your home tidy. For example, when the mail comes in, put it in a designated spot on a counter or desk until you have dealt with whatever is in it (a bill to pay, a letter to respond to, a renewal to cancel).

Maniac Tip: Every day when you get the mail, immediately sort out the trash.

Clean as You Create the Mess

Little efforts add up quickly. Instead of leaving your coffee cup in the sink for later, rinse it and put it in the dishwasher. As you’re preparing dinner, wipe off counters and wash dishes as you go. When the laundry comes out of the dryer, fold it as you take it out.

Maniac Tip: Once a day, go through the house with a basket and collect everything that needs put back in its place for a quick declutter.

Make Your Bed 

This is such a simple thing to do every morning and it truly sets the day off with tidiness on the brain. Encourage your kids to make their beds, too, as it will help keep their already-cluttered rooms looking better.

Maniac Tip: Designate a day of the week or weekend as “skip day” so that everyone gets a vacation from making the bed.

Tidy homes are easier to organize. Don’t expect it to happen overnight, but start incorporating tips as you are able. Small changes do make a big difference, and you’ll notice almost immediately what “stuff” doesn’t belong, because you won’t be able to find a place for it.

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