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Preparing for Yard Sale Season

Preparing for Yard Sale Season

It’s almost yard sale season. Are you prepared?

It’s a time of year when you can make a few extra dollars selling stuff you have in your home that you don’t need, and it can be a great way to declutter. But yard sale season can mean temptation, risk, and more junk in your own home if you’re not careful.

Avoid Yard Sale Temptations

Buying at yard sales can be a great way to save money, if you’re buying something you actually need. If you’re the kind of person, though, who travels from yard sale to yard sale every Saturday morning just looking for things to buy that you’ll bring home, and especially if you already have yard sale stuff at home that’s still waiting to find a place in your house! You can still have fun going to yard sales, but use these tactics:

  • Look, don’t buy
  • Buy only if it’s something you need
  • Keep a list of things you need handy and only buy it if it’s on the list
  • Take Dave Ramsay’s advice and never buy these things at yard sales

Have a Successful Yard Sale

Yard sales can be very profitable and help you get rid of a lot of stuff. But yard sales are a lot of work and take a lot of preparation. If you’re going to have a successful yard sale, you have to have the right mindset:

  • Let it go. It’s about getting rid of stuff you don’t need, not getting the full or perceived value out of it, so price stuff low to sell and take offers.
  • Have enough stuff. If you only have a few items, you’ll never draw in enough traffic to make it worth the time and effort. Combine with your neighbors or just donate the stuff and save time.
  • Advertise. Newspaper ads can be costly, but local Facebook sales sites often let you list your yard sale, and there are specific yard sale groups on Facebook where you can advertise. Put up signs (remember to take them down) on main intersections and lead people to your yard.
  • The early bird gets the cash. You can get more traffic and make more sales by starting an hour earlier. Hearty yard salers are hitting the road by 7am.
  • Make a little extra. If you open early, grab donuts and coffee to sell. You’d be surprised how welcome that is to early shoppers who have a bunch of cash in their pockets.

Yard sale season is nearly here. Whether you’re going or hosting, these tips can help you avoid a bad experience!

Cris Sgrott

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