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Creative Ways to Maximize Under-the-Bed Storage

Creative Ways to Maximize Under-the-Bed Storage

When was the last time you looked underneath the bed? We’re willing to bet it’s been a while, and even if you did look, you might grimace at what you’ll find. Dust bunnies, old socks, untouched suitcases, and whatever else you’ve put underneath – and the kids’ rooms are probably worse. So, what do you do with the messy under-the-bed area? Use it to your advantage, of course.

Beds take up a lot of space.

Unless you plan on remodeling to create a bed that fits into the wall, beds are a huge piece of must-have furniture that dominate the bedroom. You can’t work around the bed, so you have to work with it. The goal is a neat and organized space, and there are so many great options that work better than ill-fitting bins. Although bins work fine to keep things out of sight, if you don’t have the right ones, they fail as an easy-access under-the-bed storage solution.

Keep things rolling.

There are wheeled boxes specifically designed for under-the-bed storage that give you access to this freshly made space. If you want to get crafty, you can easily fit wheels to some old drawers. This will allow you to slide your items out from under the bed. Crates, shoe racks, and more can be improved with wheels to give you awesome options that make your life easier. We like the Long Under Bed Box with Wheels from the Container Store.


Take it higher.

Trunks, shelves, and cabinets can all be used underneath a bed if you make it taller. It’s pretty simple to install bed risers. If you know someone who is handy with tools, you can build your own bed loft. Once you’ve got this extra space, the storage possibilities are limitless. These solid wood bed risers from The Container Store give you more room under the bed for storing your stuff.


Not all bags are created equal.

There are zippered bags with slipping capabilities that are perfect for under-the-bed use, like this cedar stow under bed bag from The Container Store. The seal of the zipper keeps dust bunnies at bay and the material allows for easy sliding whenever you need your things. Think shoes, giftwrap, and photos that you might not need every day, but still want accessible.

There are so many ways that you can use this space to your advantage. Under your bed doesn’t have to be a scary, dark place where only the dust bunnies feel safe.

Cris Sgrott

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