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Maniac Book Club: Finish by Jon Acuff

Finish by Jon Acuff Reviewed by Organizing Maniacs

Maniac Book Club: Finish by Jon Acuff

Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done by Jon Acuff is for everyone out there who gets started but has trouble finishing what they start.

““When we create a goal, we aim for something better. We want to look better, feel better, do better. But, better turns into
best. We want massive, overnight success.””
– Jon Acuff

In Finish, Acuff takes a different approach to finishing tasks. While leading a thirty-day online course to help people accomplish their goals, he learned some very significant lessons: Cutting your goal in half could make you 43% more likely to accomplish that goal! By reducing the “size” of the goal by half, you are actually more likely to accomplish the goal.

Are you are chronic starter?

  • Do you start things, fall behind and can’t get back on track?
  • Does life get in the way and derail your plans?
  • Do projects jump the track and get too crazy and messy to be finished?
  • Do you start with a simple project and before you know it, it morphs into a massive undertaking?

These are some of the most common reasons we get started and don’t finish our projects. According to Acuff, perfectionism gets in the way.

Maniac Takeaway

You only have two options: Attempt more than is humanly possible, and fail, or choose what to bomb and succeed at the goal that matters. Consider trying to:

● Cut your goal in half
● Choose how to spend your time. Just say NO to more things
● Double the amount of time estimated to accomplish your goal
● Make your goal fun
● Make your goal realistic
● Stop reading time-management books! 😉

Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done by Jon Acuff is available on Amazon.

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