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3 ADHD Products for Staying Organized

3 ADHD Products for Staying Organized

Staying organized is always easier said than done. You can have the best of intentions, but there are casual life circumstances that slip into the mix, adjusting your schedule by only a few minutes but still wreaking havoc. This can be especially problematic for those with ADHD and similar challenges, facing anxiety caused by that simple shift. With products like these, there’s no need for you to stress.


We’ve all been victims of the snooze button on our alarm clock. Accidental or intention, a late start to the morning can ruin your whole day and put you seriously behind schedule. Clocky is the runaway alarm clock that you never knew you needed, launching itself from your nightstand with a beeping noise that gives you no other choice but to wake up. There’s nothing like a beeping, rolling robot to keep you on your toes.

Tile Mate


Ideally, an organized lifestyle will include keys and phone in designated spaces every day so that you aren’t doing a mad dash around the house to get out the door on time, but nobody’s perfect. Tile mate is a Bluetooth tracker that can be attached to almost any item, remembering its most recent location. Phone left on silent? Tile mate will still make your phone ring so that you can easily hunt it down. There’s nothing wrong with a little help when trying to stay organized, especially when ADHD makes it difficult to stay focused.

The Miracle Time Cube

Sometimes when you have ADHD, projects feel too overwhelming to even get started, or maybe you get easily lost in a project that you forget to stop and move on to the next item on your agenda. The Miracle Time Cube helps you easily manage your time. Set the number side up for a set number of minutes, and it will automatically start to count down. Once your time is up, the alarm will sound and all you must do is set it upright to silence the alarm.

It can be tough to stay organized, especially when you struggle with ADHD, anxiety, and other challenges. Products like these will help your day move smoothly along, and you’ll stay right on top of all your demands. You also won’t get delayed by something like missing keys or a missed alarm. Don’t stress about staying organized and be proactive with strategies that can help.

Cris Sgrott

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  • Amber

    February 10, 2019at7:23 pm Reply

    I’ve had Clocky for more than a decade – and it truly is the only alarm clock that absolutely gets me out of bed. My strategy: set my phone alarm with relatively nice music for wake-up time minus 10 mins; set it with annoying beeps for wake-up time minus 5 mins; and set Clocky for THE wake up time!! That way, it’s like a game to see if I can get up AND out of bed before Clocky starts up!

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