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4 Downsizing Hacks for a Stress-Free Home

4 Downsizing Hacks for a Stress-Free Home

How much time do you spend looking for things that you can’t find? A disorganized home is a huge source of stress for many people, and too much stuff only adds anxiety. It’s one more thing to store, one more thing to clean, and one more thing to keep track of. If you’re ready for a positive lifestyle change, these 4 down-sizing hacks can help you create a stress-free home.

  1. Know your goals.

The first step is deciding what you want to accomplish. Are you moving? Adding a new family member? Overwhelmed with clutter? Ready to redecorate? By understanding your goals before you get started, you can create a game plan.

  1. Resist the urge to buy storage bins.

Buying more things to store your things is not a solution. When you’re downsizing, its not about concealing what you own. Organizing is a part of downsizing, but the focus is decluttering. You’re trying to create empty spaces, not fill them! Although storage containers can be helpful, they can also enable you to fit more stuff that you don’t need.

  1. Decide what’s expendable and what’s not.

Although you want to be honest with yourself about what items are necessary, don’t be too hard on yourself, either. A lot of what we own is genuinely “just stuff,” but there are items that have significant personal value. If you don’t want to get rid of your great-grandmother’s scrapbook, even though every picture can be digitized, keep it! Never feel guilty about keeping things of personal value. If you feel that something should be kept, but not necessarily in your home, consider re-homing it to a close family or friend that could get use out of it. A collection of dolls from your childhood would be treasured by younger children in the family, and it’s a better use for it than sitting on a shelf.

  1. Go digital.

Technology is a beautiful thing, and it’s an awesome hack for decluttering. Music, movies, and pictures can all be digitized and stored on multiple platforms. There are a ton of options for online storage, and you can usual access your stuff from any mobile device. DVDs and photos take up more room than we realize, and by taking advantage of the technology available, downsizing is simple.

Downsizing is about finding and using the items in your home that you value and getting rid of everything else. By drawing a fine line between want and need, you’ll come to appreciate having less. Decluttering your home really does minimize the stress in your life, because your home has a direct effect on your mental health. By cutting ties to stuff you don’t need, you’re opening yourself up to a vibrant thinking and living space.

Cris Sgrott

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