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5 Hacks to Declutter the Kitchen Counter

5 Hacks to Declutter the Kitchen Counter

The kitchen is one of the most-utilized spaces in our homes, which makes sense, because that’s where all the food is. Kitchens also tend to be a catch-all for whatever we have picked up in our day. Mail, magazines, keys, electronics, and more crowd the counters – not to mention the toaster, blender, bread box, and the fruit bowl that are permanent fixtures. How can you manage to keep a clutter-free kitchen?

  1. Create a charging station.

We spend as much time on our devices as we spend in the kitchen, so wouldn’t it be handy to have a charge station ready? You know the phone and laptop cords will find their way to the counter regardless, so you might as well have a designated space. A simple basket is enough to keep those wires contained.

  1. Ditch the fruit bowl.

It’s nice to have fresh fruit handy, but fruit bowls are never convenient. Think outside the bowl and consider a tiered approach, like using wall planters or tiered hanging baskets for fruit. It becomes less of a fixture and more of an edible feature, freeing up your counter space for your next cooking project.

  1. Think walls and ceilings.

Utensil and pot racks are genius inventions. Rather than a utensil holder cluttering your counter, have your kitchen tools neatly lined on a rack will make organization and cooking easier. If you’ve gotten in the habit of stacking regularly-used pans on the counter, consider a hanging pot rack that will free up space. This also gives you the option of more cupboard space if pans are hanging, so you can move something from the counter that you don’t use often to the now empty cupboard.

  1. Keep your dishes in the sink.

Many drying racks are designed to sit on the counter next to the sink, but it takes away so much space! Keep your dishes in the sink with drying racks that are designed to stay off the counter. This eliminates mess and offers flexibility when you’re trying to cook and clean at the same time.

  1. Add shelves to your cabinets.

The inside of your cabinets is occupied, but what about the outer walls? Add floating shelves to the side of your cabinets to create a space for spices, knives, or snacks. How you use the space is less important, because you’re finally clearing off those cluttered kitchen counters.

Keeping a clutter-free kitchen is a daily challenge that will soon become a daily habit you won’t have to think about. These hacks to declutter your kitchen counter will give you the space you need, whether you’re spreading out your morning paper or laying out the ingredients for a tasty dinner. Once you get things organized, it’s so much easier to keep them that way.

Cris Sgrott

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