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7 Ideas for Easy Fall Décor You Can Do Every Year

7 Ideas for Easy Fall Décor You Can Do Every Year

Decorating for each season can be so much fun, but there’s not always room in our homes to store the décor during off-season. If you’re looking for fresh decorations that don’t have to be stored year after year, and won’t break the bank, add something off this list to your fall décor. It’s festive, it’s easy, and family-friendly.

Pine cones

You can purchase the bag of pine cones from the store, because they often come in that delicious cinnamon scent that lets you know the holidays are approaching. There are pine cones littered all over the ground in many areas. Simply bake the pine cones to make sure you won’t have any critters crawling around and add cinnamon or other desired scents to make it fun. Involve the kids in gathering the pine cones.

At the end of the season, simply toss them in with your compost or back outside – no need to store them for the next year. Better yet, repurpose your pine cones with a bit of paint and a glue gun and create a wreath that you can give as a gift.

Vases with Popcorn Kernels

Clean out cupboard space while creating simple and elegant decor by using the empty vases you have tucked away around the house. For an easy centerpiece for your dining room table or mantle, fill the vase with uncooked popcorn kernels. You might already have some popcorn kernels in your pantry, but if not, a bag costs less than a dollar. Add extra delight by using food coloring to dye the kernels in your favorite fall colors.

Framed Thanksgiving Printables

Craft stores are full of gorgeously-framed fall-themed photos, but it doesn’t make sense to have these items hanging up year-round. For a simpler, and less expensive approach, print fall phrases at home. Find frames at thrift stores or dollar stores if you don’t have any spares around the house. You’ll have customized fall décor without the price tag.


Craft Pumpkins as Beverage Holders

Craft pumpkins are the perfect storage items for wine, sparkling cider, and other fall favorites. Simply cut out the top and insert your preferred drink. This also makes an amazing centerpiece and is functional for the season.

Wax Paper Leaves

Another fun activity for kids is hunting for beautiful fall-colored leaves. Simply iron leaves between pieces of wax paper and you have décor that can be hung around the house or sprinkled on tables.

Edible Decorations

The best décor doubles as food. Fill a nice bowl with dried fruit and nuts, which can safely stay out on the table and still look festive. You won’t need to worry about storage as family and guests snack freely.

Baskets with Leaves

Use baskets you already have and fill them with fall. This includes gourds, apples, leaves, dried sunflowers. Set them on your porch, on your mantle, and on tables. It’s a great project for involving the kids.

Fall décor doesn’t have to be complicated, and it doesn’t have to overwhelm your home or create post-season clutter. All of these fall decor ideas are easily discarded at the end of the season.

Cris Sgrott

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