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Holiday Prep Starts Now

Holiday Prep Starts Now

We’re less than 90 days from Christmas, and if that doesn’t motivate you to start holiday prep, we’re not sure what will. Whether you’re having company, traveling, or just need to make room for the Christmas tree, now is the time to start tackling small organization projects that will have you ready in time to celebrate without too much stress.

Holiday Prep Step One: Declutter

Before you can even consider the holidays, decluttering is a great place to start. Start by just walking through your home and envisioning what you may need to do. For some of us, there may be some small project that needs done simply to remove the stress from our lives so that we can cope with the holidays, whether it’s a chaotic junk drawer or a pile of ignored laundry. Choose one thing. Declutter one small area. Try to do another small project the next day. The goal is not perfection but simply clearing space – in your home and in your mind – to allow you to enjoy the holidays.

Holiday Prep Step Two: Seasonal Transition

Along with the holidays comes a change in the weather and seasons. If you still have summer toys outside (kiddie pools, for example), it’s time to get those properly stored. In the home, this may mean packing away decor that is suitable for summer but takes up space when it’s time for Christmas trees and extra guests. It may also mean packing away your summer wardrobe and breaking out the cardigans. Again, choose a few projects that will help you make the transition both mentally and in your physical space.

Holiday Prep Step Three: Yep, There’s Cleaning Involved

This time of year is not just a seasonal change or a countdown to the holidays; it’s also flu season. One of the best ways to keep germs to a minimum is to make sure everyone is washing their hands regularly. It’s also a great time of year to hit the germ-friendly zones you might not normally catch each time you clean. Grab some Clorox or Lysol wipes or a cloth soaked in Hydrogen peroxide and wipe down sink faucets, door knobs, toilet flushers, rail banisters, remote controls, phones, and your purse. It’s also a great time to run sheets and blankets in the laundry. No time to do the comforters? Just run them through the dryer on hot, or if you’re lucky enough to have a sunny day, hang them outside in the sunshine for a few hours.

Holiday Prep Step Four: Guest Rooms

Much of what you’ve done in the previous steps should have already helped with this, but if you know you’ll be having company for the holidays, take a look at your guest room space and see if there is anything you’ll need to make it more comfortable. Maybe it’s time for new pillows – or maybe your guest room turned into a storage closet over the summer. Either way, thinking about what you need now for your guest room will save you stress later!

Holiday Prep Five: Relax, You’re Ready

Sure, you’ll need to assess your decorations and make sure you don’t need anything new, and you’ll have some last-minute cleaning to do before guests arrive, but by taking care of this holiday prep up front, you might actually get a moment to relax and enjoy the holidays this year!

What would you add to this list? What does your holiday prep routine look like?


Cris Sgrott

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