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The Best Tips for Organizing the Nursery

The Best Tips for Organizing the Nursery

Organizing the nursery is such an exciting task! It’s hard not to love organizing when you’re planning for a bundle of joy, but it can still be stressful. Where to begin? With these simple tips, you’ll have the basics of a nursery that will keep you prepared even during those middle-of-the-night diaper changes. Tired eyes and hands will be no match for an organized nursery.

  1. Avoid overcrowding

It can be tempting to buy everything that’s on the store shelves in the baby section, but you really don’t need all of it. Aim for items that are necessary, such as the crib, diaper changing station, and dresser, and then assess your nursery from there. Add items of convenience, such as a glider or swing, as you have the room.

  1. Use multi-purpose furniture

When organizing the nursery, you’ll save quite a bit of space by combining things like the diaper changing station and the dresser. A changing mat can be secured to a wide dresser, and one of the top drawers can be used for diaper supplies. If you have the budget for it, you can also purchase a pack-n-play. When your baby is small, they can sleep in the bassinet insert that is coupled with a removable diaper changing station. Once the baby is bigger, the whole top portion can lift out to provide a safe play and sleeping space, like a traditional playpen.

  1. Keep the crib simple

Don’t fuss over bumpers and other crib decorations. Anything other than a mattress and fitted sheet is not recommended for babies, and even mobiles have been discouraged. Too many eye-catching things above your newborn can make it difficult to sleep, and there is always the risk of something falling off the walls. Stick to the basics when it comes to the crib and hang your nursery décor on another wall.

  1. Put shelving in the closet

When organizing the nursery, consider the baby’s safety. That becomes more challenging as baby becomes more mobile. Avoid disasters as baby starts crawling and walking by placing shelving in the closet to reduce the likelihood of adventurous climbs. This also helps keep clutter away from curious hands. Shelving in the closet is a great way to use all the available space, while keeping things secure and neatly organized.

  1. Use baskets and bins

Baskets and bins are a great addition to any nursery. They can be used on any shelf, and they also can slide underneath a crib to maximize your storage. Put less-used items on a top shelf, with clearly marked bins so that you always know what you’re looking for. As your baby gets older, you’ll be able to leave a basket or two of toys in reach without creating a mess.

A new baby will bring all sorts of chaos and excitement, but the space in which you bond with your newborn should be calm and relaxing. Planning and organizing the nursery will give you everything you need without feeling overwhelmed, especially when you have so much to think about! You can’t control everything in parenthood, but you can have an organized nursery that does everything you need it to.

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