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Organize Your Work Space as Summer Winds Down

Organize Your Work Space as Summer Winds Down

Summer flew by too quickly for us. Did it for you too? Are you finding it more difficult to stay focused as you try to soak up the last bit of warm weather? The days are getting shorter, and it’s hard to do anything but stare longingly at the fading sunshine and warm weather. It’s common to feel unproductive at work as vacation season ends, but there are ways to get you back on track. This is the perfect opportunity to organize your work space so that you can be more productive (especially if you’ve been procrastinating).

Do a full cleanse.

This is the first step to any organizing project, so it should come as no surprise. Before you can consider rearranging your work space, you must purge your desk of anything that isn’t necessary. File old paperwork, trash or shred what you don’t need anymore, and give yourself a clean slate. Even your desktop needs to be rid of unnecessary tabs and digital files. A clean desk is the secret to a productive work day, so get any clutter out of the way.

Check in with colleagues and projects.

The summer has been filled with a lot of vacations, and rarely have people been in the office at the same time. The fall is the perfect opportunity to catch up and have meetings that are long overdue. Check in with projects that began in the spring but have fallen to the wayside with all the time off that has happened. Find out what new initiations should be started and discuss any changes to the office. This should help get you motivated for in-office activities.

Use a two-tray system.

The two-tray system is genius in keeping random papers from building up on your desk. Anything incoming should go in one tray that is easy for others to access, too. This will create a visual, but neat, to-do stack. The next tray will be things that you’ve looked at but haven’t had a chance to deal with yet. This is everything that needs filed or projects that need to be completed. Make it a daily goal to review both trays before the end of the work day, even if they can’t be completely emptied.

Upgrade your trash can.

This is a simple hack, but it works. Many office trash cans are shockingly small, and it isn’t long before a stack of papers fills it. How inconvenient is it to get up from your desk twice a day just to empty the trash can? Instead, unneeded papers are discarded on the top of your desk or in a file somewhere as you make a mental note to throw it away later. A bigger trash can that can be emptied less often is more likely to be filled, keeping the clutter out of your work space.

The fall doesn’t have to be depressing! Getting motivated at work starts with an organized work space. You’ll find that you’ll have more energy to get things done. Your mind will gravitate away from the windows and towards the innovative projects that will carry through the cold months. You’ll be ready for anything that lands on your desk.

Cris Sgrott

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