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Prepping for Fall Sports with Your Kids

Prepping for Fall Sports with Your Kids

It’s back to school season, and some students have already headed back to the classroom. Of course, school isn’t the only thing ramping up for many kids. It’s also the start of the fall sports season, with many teams already holding practices before school starts. The days are limited before a family’s schedule is crammed, so prepping for fall sports can make life easier. Start with these tips:

Confirm registration dates.

Double-check your calendar so that you don’t miss any sports sign-ups. Many school teams are asking that parents register before the school year begins, as practice can begin right away. You don’t want your star football player having to hang around the sidelines because the registration date wasn’t on the to-do list.

Check in with the doctor.

Schedule required physicals as early as possible. This time of year, many offices are short on appointment spots because every school is demanding an updated physical for all sports teams. Schedule yours early for every child that needs one, so you can guarantee an appointment that fits in your calendar.

Account for growth spurts.

Some teams use the same uniforms every year for convenience, which is awesome – except when your kid grows five inches over the summer. Also check uniforms and shoes for signs of wear and have the right replacements in time for the first practice. You don’t want to wait until the first track meet to realize that your kid’s running shoes are two sizes too small.

Store the gear.

This is especially important if you have kids doing different sports. Have a designated place for every piece of equipment so no one is rushing around searching for their lacrosse stick or football cleats. Have cubbies or bins sorted by sport in a mudroom, garage, or designate closet space, with shelving for all equipment. Your kids will know exactly where to find their gear whenever they need it.

Create a calendar.

There is always a reason to have a visual calendar for the whole family. Have a family whiteboard that shows all practices and games for the entire week or month, if possible. Color code different activities so everyone knows the schedule for the day and there are no surprises. No one likes an interrupted dinner because someone forget a scheduled practice or late game.

There’s nothing like fall sports season, and it can be a great experience for kids and parents alike. However, nobody likes the stress that comes with the busy schedule. Set yourself up for success now, before the season begins, by prepping for fall sports, so that even a little bit of chaos won’t make you feel like you’ve lost control. Fall sports will be over before you know it, and you’ll be repeating the process in the spring.

Cris Sgrott

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