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Inspired to Declutter

Inspired to Declutter

You have probably told yourself a million times that you really should get some of the clutter out of your home. It’s been on your to-do list, but there’s just no motivation. If you really need something to kickstart your cleaning spree, there’s no harm in setting up a little encouragement.


Ok, definitely don’t move if there’s not a reason to. However, if you’re moving anyway, why not take the time to really declutter? As you are packing each box, consider how much you need or want each item. If it’s something you’re brushing dust off of, or don’t even remember owning, it should probably go in a donation pile (yes, even if it’s been in the family for a few generations). Don’t take clutter from one house to another. Give yourself the opportunity to start fresh.

Yard sale

If a move isn’t in the plans, you can partner with some neighbors or friends and have a large yard sale. Yard sales can be a lot of fun when others are involved. It gives you the chance to get rid of unwanted items while simultaneously making a little spending money. That money could be used for a weekend getaway that you’ve been wanting for a while. Brainstorm what you would do with the cash to offer an extra incentive to get rid of stuff.


If you’re not moving and don’t want to have a yard sale, you can always motivate yourself to do some decluttering by inviting people over for a party. It’s a great time of year for garden parties and outdoor barbecues, and by putting yourself in a position where people are coming over will force you to clear up some space. Clean and organize to impress your guests and create a space that you’ll be proud of hosting a party in.


Although being inspired to declutter isn’t easy, sometimes you have down time that has you staring at the clutter. Boredom may be exactly the push you need to get clutter out of your space. If you’re wondering what to do with your weekend, and the choices are between Netflix and Hulu, crank some tunes instead and get some much-needed cleaning done.

Decluttering isn’t always something you want to schedule without some other form of motivation. There’s no shame in a bit of encouragement, and why not make it fun? Organizing and decluttering can be very satisfying. What has inspired you to declutter?

Cris Sgrott

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