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It’s Not Too Late to Organize the Garden

It’s Not Too Late to Organize the Garden

At this point in the gardening game, you’ve already planted in the spring and are watching your plants flourish in the warm weather (unless they are wilting in the heat). Weeding carefully is the name of the game, and for the time being, you’ve dusted the soil off your hands and are waiting for the fall to get the next round of gardening going. While the weather is nice, this is a great time to organize the garden. Now is better than never!

Take pictures.

You’re not going to always remember what plants bloomed in the spring. Were the pink perennials on the right or the left? Did you grow green beans by the shed, or was that tomatoes? Marking sticks are smart, but they don’t always last the season. Take pictures of your garden once it has bloomed to remember the arrangement, so that you can either keep things as they are or adjust to your liking.

Set up the potting bench.

A potting bench is a must-have for any serious gardener. It gives you space to do gardening essentials without having to stoop and bend over for several hours, and summer is the perfect time to get one installed or make one yourself! By the time fall approaches you’ll have a handy set-up for upcoming planting, and spring gardening will be a breeze.

Sort your supplies.

How many packets of half-opened seeds do you have laying in drawers? Are your tools scattered between the shed and the side of the house? While the sun is shining, clean up your gardening workspace to save future stress. Your gardening seeds can easily be pinned to a corkboard for a nice visual display of what you currently have, and tools can be hung up on nails in the shed. A wall organizer is also a favorite to keep tools in one space, and don’t forget an old mason jar is perfect for marking sticks.

Make a planting calendar.

This is a unique space to note when you should be planting and harvesting in your garden all year round. You’ll never forget when something should have been potted or worry about if it’s too soon to harvest. Your calendar can also contain lay-outs of how you envision your garden (which is also a great application for those pictures). Planning is essential to an organized garden, and a calendar can make it simple.

You wouldn’t think summer would be the time to organize the garden, but it’s the opportune moment to decide if you like what you’ve done this past spring, as well as plan for the fall. You’ve had time to think about your garden, and you also are seeing if what you’ve planted is actually growing. Trouble-shooting is a critical piece of organizing, and it’s how we learn what works for us. Don’t hesitate to use the summer months to organize your dream garden.

Cris Sgrott

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