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6 Summer Travel Organization Hacks

6 Summer Travel Organization Hacks

There is a lot to consider with summer travel, whether you’re traveling alone or with the family. You always want to be prepared – and that involves a lot of planning! And while there are hundreds of travel tips out there, these 5 hacks are absolute musts when it comes to staying organized.

The always-handy list.

Seriously, you can never go wrong with a list. Lists hold all critical information: what to pack, who to call in an emergency, your itinerary. Don’t attempt to plan a vacation without a list in hand, because you’ll find yourself stressed out and disorganized. Vacations are supposed to be fun! Lists help make it that way.

Pick the right suitcase.

If you’re going to be backpacking, don’t pick a bag that slings over the shoulder. For a quick 30-minute flight, you don’t need a carry-on worthy of an international journey. Think carefully about where you’re going and what you need and choose your suitcase accordingly.

Less is more.

Having a back-up outfit is a good idea, but you don’t need five options per day of travel. You’ll find yourself facing unnecessary luggage fees if flying or cramming the car full of huge suitcases that have no chance of staying organized during the trip. Less is more when traveling, and if you think you’ve packed appropriately, do one more honest check to make sure you only have what you need.

Food storage bags are essential.

Food storage bags are perfect travel companions, especially if you’re traveling with children. They can be used for basic storage, packing snacks, holding liquids that might leak, and keeping small things organized. As an organizing tool, the options are limitless. Traveling with an infant? Pack outfits for your baby in each storage bag and at the end of the day, place the dirty clothes in the same bag. This is especially helpful if there are messes of any kind.

Don’t leave a dirty house.

Nothing is more depressing than coming back from vacation to have more than just laundry to catch up on. You already have to face returning to work and every-day obligations; don’t add days of house cleaning to the return. Clean the house before you leave. You’ll be glad you did.

Reconsider souvenirs.

During travel, it’s important to consider what you are trying to add to your household. Do you really need another t-shirt to cram in a drawer somewhere? If you do want a souvenir, choose something meaningful that won’t find its way to the next yard sale.

Summer is such an exciting time and vacations are full of memories that last. Organizing the trip appropriately makes sure that those memories are good ones and will encourage you to look forward to the next getaway.


Cris Sgrott

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