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5-Minute Organizing

5-Minute Organizing

Organizing is time-consuming. It’s overwhelming. It can be emotionally difficult. Those are some of the main reasons people will avoid organizing their homes…but here’s some good news! You can reduce your stress level and bring more organization into your life with some very small organizing tasks. In fact, these organizing projects take less than five minutes to complete but can make a huge difference in how you feel about your day!

  1. Sort Tupperware

How many times have you gone to store food, only to realize you have no idea where the lid to a container is. It’s easy for storage containers to get jumbled fast, so take a few minutes to organize the cupboard. This way, when you reach for an item, you know exactly what you’re going to find. This makes storing and packing food a much simpler process as well.

  1. Clean the Coffee Table

The coffee table is notorious for being a catch-all of random items. Last night’s tea mug, a leftover snack bowl, a few unread magazines, and a couple remotes are only some of the things you might find. It only takes three or four minutes to place the remotes in their rightful place, sort dishes, and discard read magazines.

  1. Sort Papers

We all have that stack of mail that we’ve opened but haven’t sorted yet. Take a moment to decide what needs to go in the trash, what needs to be stored as an important document, and what needs added to your to-do list.

  1. Organize Your Purse/Bag

When was the last time you checked what was in your purse or office bag? Get rid of any trash that has collected and organize the items in a manner that is most helpful to you. This means no more digging for your wallet or keys, which also saves you time throughout the day as you’re heading out the door.

  1. Make Your Bed

They say the most successful people make their bed in the morning! You can change the entire appearance of a bedroom by simply making the bed. It allows you to spot other clutter that you may have missed. Start your day off on the right foot by organizing the sheets, and you’ll be glad to get into a well-made bed later.

Organizing doesn’t have to take you all day. By being mindful of how you spend a few minutes here and there, you can make your entire life easier. Organizing starts small, and with those small steps you can accomplish big things.

Cris Sgrott

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