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Maniac Book Club: Buy-Ology by Martin Lindstrom

Maniac Book Club: Buy-Ology by Martin Lindstrom

buy-ologyOur latest Maniac Book Club choice is a must read: Buy-Ology – The Truth and Lies About Why We Buy by Martin Lindstrom. Lindstrom’s book examines how marketers use psychology to influence why and what we buy – and how most of our purchasing decisions are made at a subconcious level. He conducted a huge study that took three years, cost millions of dollars, spanned five countries, and included over two-thousand volunteers. Lindstrom studied brain scans to identify patterns that would help him understand how marketing campaigns trigger our brains.


  1. Visual marketing is dramatically losing its power to influence.
  2. Buying is not a rational process, but rather is guided by emotions.
  3. Product placement works, but only if it is fully entwined in the program.
  4. Choosing a brand can be filled with superstition and follow rituals.
  5. Sex doesn’t sell.
  6. Mirror neurons allow our feelings or actions to “mirror” those of someone else.

Maniac Takeaway

By identifying the reasons behind why you buy, you can eliminate unnecessary purchases that clutter your home and your life. It might not be easy to identify the exact reasons driving your purchases, but you can ask yourself several questions to help you get a better understanding.

  • How do I feel when I buy this item?
  • Do other people have this item and how does this effect you buying it?
  • What function or job is this item helping you perform?
  • Do you own any items that already perform this function?
  • Do you need this item or do you want this item?

Buy-Ology – The Truth and Lies About Why We Buy by Martin Lindstrom is available on Amazon.

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