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Tackling a Cluttered Bathroom

Tackling a Cluttered Bathroom

As you swap out winter moisturizing cream for summer SPF moisturizer, it’s a great time to tackle the cluttered bathroom. Bathrooms are often one of the most difficult areas of a home to keep organized. Counter tops are small and cabinet space and shelving can be minimal. There’s just not enough space for everything! And although storage items like over-the-toilet shelving are convenient, accidentally knocking something off into the toilet bowl is a real problem.

Don’t worry, though, because there’s a better way to organize your cluttered bathroom.

Vertical Shelves

Wall space is your friend, especially in small bathrooms. Install some shelves and use wicker or wire baskets to keep things tidy. Lower shelves can also hold extra toilet paper, and there are even shelves with towel holders specifically for the bathroom. By utilizing the vertical space, you can have a lot more storage.

Lazy Susan

A lazy Susan isn’t just for the kitchen. It can be a great cluttered bathroom organizer for inside your cabinets, allowing you to fill the space without having to dig for what you need. Simply spin until you have your desired product.

Back-of-the-Door Storage

Don’t underestimate what you can store behind your bathroom door. An over-the-door-hanger is a great place to hang towels if space is limited.

Mason Jars

Mason jars are a neat organization tool for an array of different bathroom products. Makeup brushes, Q-tips, cotton balls, and even tooth brushes can store easily on the counter or on a shelf. Mason jars are easy to clean and can be decorated to pair with any bathroom design.


Nothing is more inconvenient than the tangled cords of blow dryers and hair straighteners. Baskets can be hung on the wall or on the door of a cabinet to neatly contain styling items and keep the clutter to a minimum. This technique helps your counters stay clear, and cords aren’t in the way of the sink.

It doesn’t have to be a constant battle to declutter your bathroom and keep it organized. Having a designated space for everything is a perfect place to begin and helps you you maximize the storage capabilities of your cluttered bathroom. No more running between the bedroom and bathroom for beauty items or brushes because you lack the space. With these bathroom organization tips everything is exactly where you want and need it.

Cris Sgrott

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