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3 Simple Organization Hacks Before You Leave for Work

3 Simple Organization Hacks Before You Leave for Work

These 3 simple organization hacks can be done before you leave for work each day. With time, they can become habit.

Keeping your home decluttered and organized is easier said than done, especially when you spend most of your day somewhere else. The last thing you want to do after a long day at work is clean your house, so what habits can you form that will make it easier to return in the evening? You can do these 3 simple organization hacks each morning, before you leave for work, so that you can come home and relax.

  1. Put the clothes away.

This isn’t just limited to putting your pajamas in the dirty laundry, which is still important. No one wants to come home to piles of dirty clothes. However, we’ve all fallen victim to “the chair.” This catch-all for clothes that you probably tried on this morning but decided not to wear, laundry that needs folded but hasn’t been, and last week’s dry cleaning needs to be a place you can actually sit and relax. While it will take time to develop the fold-it-as-you-wash-it habit, a good start is just to make this rule: If the clothes that come out of the closet don’t go on your body, put them back on the hangar. You’ll be glad you don’t have to do this chore later.

  1. Do the breakfast dishes.

  • There’s not always time for breakfast on a busy morning, but you can still take small steps:
  • Rinse your coffee cup and put it in the dishwasher
  • Wipe down the counters
  • Unload or start the dishwasher depending on what you need

Coming home to a clean and organized kitchen makes it easier to switch gears to get dinner on the table.

  1. Have a plan for dinner.

Plan what you’ll be doing for dinner in the morning, so that you know if you need to stop at the store for ingredients on your way home. Better yet, start something in the slow cooker that will be ready when you return. Whatever you do, don’t come home and stare at your fridge and cupboards at the end of a long day and try to figure it out then. By having a plan for dinner, you can prep early by moving meat from the freezer to the fridge before you leave for work. Staying organized with your meals makes the end of your day much less stressful, and it starts with setting out what you need at the beginning of your day.

The morning is usually a busy time, but these 3 simple organization hacks take almost no time at all. You might even have 10 minutes to sit in that cleaned-off chair and meditate or read! When done before you leave for work, you’ve saved yourself time in the evening and on days off. Rather than letting little chores collect into a daunting task, tackle your day as it happens for a more organized and clutter-free household.

Cris Sgrott

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