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Indoor Spring Cleaning Projects To Do Outside

Indoor Spring Cleaning Projects To Do Outside

When it comes to spring cleaning, there are some indoor spring cleaning projects that are easier to do outside. The problem with a full-house spring cleaning effort is that you’re often spreading dirt and dust through the house with every step. There are some indoor spring cleaning projects that are actually easier when completed outside.

Trash cans

This is one spring cleaning project you don’t want to do inside. Oh sure, you can take the trash can to your clean bathtub and rinse it out, but it makes a lot more sense to just take it outside and use the hose. Leave it out to dry and take your clean trashcan back inside.

Large Duvets and Quilts

If you’ve ever tried washing these in the winter, you know that it takes an industrial dryer to get the job done right. Few home dryers will fit such large items, and it’s often an inconvenience. However, spring weather offers the opportunity to hang quilts out to dry in the sunshine.


Have you ever tried shaking out a rug in the house? You’ll be weeks afterward trying to get rid of all the dust it creates, especially if it’s the rug you use to catch feet as they come through the door. Even with regular vacuuming, rugs collect a lot of dirt, mud, and muck during the winter. Once spring arrives, you can get outside and finally beat the ground-in dust out of the rug.


Shelves are fantastic organizational tools, especially in the bathroom and kitchen, but how often do they get cleaned? Take this opportunity to not only reorganize some of your essential items, but to make sure that the shelves are clean. Removable shelves can be taken outside, hosed down, or wiped down with a wet towel.

Some indoor spring cleaning projects are better to save for a nice day. Spring cleaning is a great excuse to clean and organize your home, but why not also enjoy some warm weather after being cooped up during the winter?

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