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Spring Cleaning: Let the Sunshine In

Spring Cleaning: Let the Sunshine In

Are you as eager as we are to swap winter for spring wardrobes and exchange snow shovels for some gardening tools? Unfortunately, the downside to tossing open those curtains to let the sun shine in is that the damage from being stuck inside all winter is obvious.

It may not seem like it outside right now, depending on where you live, but spring cleaning is right around the corner, and many of us are excited to finally pack away our winter coats and boots. As we work on organizing and decluttering projects around the house, it’s difficult to ignore the dust and grime that has built up over the winter.  Just like your closets, your home needs a fresh start to spring. These spring cleaning tasks might not hit your radar but make a big difference:

  • Cabinets

    – The sun really highlights the dust and grease doesn’t it? Wiping down the cabinets is a good idea, especially if you’ve got a few months’ worth of buildup.

  • Windows

    – You don’t want to move those curtains aside on a nice spring day to find cobwebs and grime. Clean up those windows for a picture-perfect spring.

  • Wood floors

    – It’s likely that the winter months have done a number on your wood floors, with people tracking in snow, salt, and who knows what else. Older wood floors will require a clean and wax, but newer wood and Pergo floors are less difficult to maintain.

  • Carpets and rugs

    – High traffic areas may require more than the vacuum. If traditional carpet shampoos aren’t getting the grime up, you’ll want to call in a professional for a healthy start to your spring.

  • Painted walls and baseboards

    – We don’t often think to clean the walls, but you will be surprised at the grime that comes off your walls and baseboards.

  • Doormats

    – These defenders against the dirt that tries to enter your room need a good cleaning themselves.

  • Ceiling fixtures

    – You don’t want to wait until a scorching summer day to switch on the fan. You’ll end up covered in the dust, with who knows what floating around in the air.

Spring cleaning can help you wash away the winter blues. These simple chores won’t take long but make a big difference when you let in the sunshine.

Cris Sgrott

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