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5 Habits of Organized People

5 Habits of Organized People

Very few of us were born with organizing skills in our DNA. Good habits, like anything else, happen with practice and by establishing a routine. Organizing is no different! It’s something that we are all capable of learning, and once we do, our lives can be easier, less stressful, and happier. Here are 5 daily habits of organized people that you can learn too.

  1. Write Things Down

Unless you have an uncanny ability to remember all your appointments, relatives’ birthdays, and other miscellaneous get-togethers, you will want to write things down. How you do that is up to you, whether it is a digital reminder on your phone or a visible note on the calendar, but put it in writing. Once your mind is clear of all the things you are supposed to keep track of, you can focus on the things that really matter. This also means you have plenty of time to get where you need to be and do what needs done, without the rush.

  1. Do Things Ahead of Time

Putting things off until the last minute is always more stressful. Procrastination causes unnecessary stress, and you could struggle to complete a task to the best of your ability. Do things ahead of time when you can, whether it’s preparing a meal or picking up clutter before it becomes chaos. That way, you can relax and get things done at your leisure, instead of having to rush around.

  1. Get Rid of Stuff

It’s always more difficult to organize when we own a lot of stuff. When you become comfortable getting rid of the stuff you don’t use, you will discover how much easier it is to stay organized. It is tempting to keep everything you have owned since college, just in case, but the likelihood of using a lot of what we own is slim. If you haven’t used it in the last year, put it in a donation box. You could also earn some extra cash if what you’re getting rid of is worth something.

  1. Sales Don’t Equal Savings

Sales are organization’s worst enemy. If there is a discount on a purchase that you would have bought regardless of price, then that’s exciting savings. However, if you are saving $200 on an unnecessary purchase that is normally $400, you are actually spending money you didn’t need to spend. Think hard about your purchases. Is it something you need or truly want? Organized people know to be wary of the sales rack – it often adds clutter to your home and closet.

  1. Delegate and Say No

Really organized people know when their plates are full. If you have too many tasks on your to-do list, decide what either needs to go or can be done by someone else. Maxing out your time and energy is stressful, and even the most organized people have their limit. Be ok letting someone else do it – and be even more ok just saying no.

Organized people have habits that help them stay that way. It can be hard at first, but with practice you’ll find that organization comes easily. Follow these 5 habits of organized people, and you’ll be well on your way to an organized and stress-free lifestyle.

Cris Sgrott

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