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Storage Solutions Beyond the Closet

Storage Solutions Beyond the Closet

Organizing your home can be challenging, especially when the primary storage solutions (like drawers and closets) are already overflowing. We’ve all experienced the frustration of having to dig behind multiple bins and through various boxes to find a single sweater for a chilly summer day. Although some items (like holiday decor) can be stored seasonally, other things require storage solutions that are accessible even when we don’t want them to contribute to more clutter. Here are some ways you can use your entire household to maximize storage beyond your closet.

Double Duty

A fantastic storage concept is to create spaces in your home that have a dual purpose. For example, rather than a traditional coffee table in your living room, use a vintage trunk that allows you hidden storage space. Using furniture for storage offers more possibilities in the same available space without any additional clutter. Drawers underneath the bed, or closets and shelving hidden under a stairway can help you find unique ways to maximize your storage options. If you’re really handy, people have gone as far as to create storage out of each step of a staircase.

Fill in the Gaps

There’s a lot you can do with the unused spaces in your household. You may not even consider certain areas to be empty. High shelving is easy to install, maximizing wall space. Decorative baskets are an easy and aesthetically pleasing storage solution. Line baskets along the wall, or place them underneath a hallway table. Unused corners are also ideal for baskets or shelves that can be stacked and arranged in whatever way is convenient for you.

Storage-Ready Furniture

For those working with a small space, it can be worth the investment to purchase furniture designed with storage solutions in mind. Invest in a platform bed with built-in storage, as well as end tables that have drawers. There are even chairs with seats that have storage as well, allowing you to get the most out of even the smallest rooms.

Tailor your organizational strategy to how your house functions. Experiment with different storage solutions that keep you from tossing everything in the closet.

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