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The Best Gift is an Experience

The Best Gift is an Experience

This time of year is dedicated to gift giving, but what if the best gift led to less stress and clutter? Material gifts are hit and miss, with many purchases stored in closets or on shelves, or even returned to the retailer. It’s a waste of time, money, and energy, but what is the solution? Especially for those trying to minimize clutter in their homes, the gift of an experience can be the most rewarding.

There’s No Lingering Mess

Experiences offer memories that can be cherished forever, but items often turn into nothing more than a chore. The actual unwrapping and mess of paper is just the beginning. This is followed by the continuous maintenance of cleaning up new toys, providing new batteries, and then dusting sitting items that have lost their attraction. The holidays are often when we realize we have too much stuff as it is. The addition of more material gifts that will eventually be unused is a disappointing reality.

You Already Have More Than You Need

For most families, we have all the clothes, toys, and electronics that we need. There will always be a few indulgences that we all make. For the most part, though, collecting more material things in the holiday season will only increase clutter. Instead of adding to a family member or friend’s full closet, you can gift an experience that doesn’t need to be stored.

Experiences Have Long-Term Value

The problem with most material gifts is that you can’t guarantee that they will be used regularly, or at all. Gifting an experience is much more fun for both parties. The recipient will enjoy the anticipation of the upcoming event, they’ll be able to enjoy the actual experience, and then they will carry those memories with them forever. You’ll also have done them the favor of not having to store yet another thing in the household.

Experience Gift Ideas

An experience can be as affordable as any material item, and has better returns as far as happiness. For the art lover in your family, purchase a museum membership. Gift cards to restaurants and movie theatres are also a popular choice, among memberships to zoos, campsites, and other local attractions. There are no limits to the experiential gifts that are available to you and your loved ones. It could even be as simple as a community swimming class.

Family time and memories are worth more than any material gifts you could purchase for one another. Practical and education gifts are great as well, but for a gift that keeps on giving, experiences have the most value. Plus, you never have to worry about storage.

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