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Best Holiday Organization Hack: Don’t Buy It

Best Holiday Organization Hack: Don’t Buy It

Black Friday may be in the past, but holiday deals continue to barrage us all, and this holiday organization hack is the best way to stay stress-free. Everywhere you look there are flashing red signs proclaiming the best sale of the season, and who can resist a great deal? As you finish up your Christmas shopping, you’ll come across items that aren’t on your list, but at that price, they could be! The best holiday organization tip that I can offer is to not make the purchase at all.

Holiday Sales: A Gimmick

Those large sales signs are more enticing than ever, whether you’re purchasing for loved ones or for yourself. Unfortunately, this time of year is overrun with marketing ploys that aren’t always honest. Some retailers will purposefully mark their items higher, and then sell for a “sale price” that isn’t much different than the original purchase price. Other retailers, with electronics being a prime suspect, will offer a great deal on an item, but you end up getting what you pay for. It’s rarely the best quality, and you end up cluttering your home with mediocre items that you didn’t need in the first place. Not only is it a waste of space, it’s a waste of money.

Don’t Buy What You Don’t Need

It’s a tough rule to follow, especially when prices appear to be lower than ever. If it’s not on your list, it doesn’t belong in your shopping cart. Yes, it’s the season of giving, but gifting unnecessary items is likely to result in clutter for yourself and others. We’ve all seen the return line after the holidays, and although it’s a harsh reality, an unnecessary gift at a great price is still likely to end up back on the shelves.

Save Receipts for Returns

We’ve all experienced buyer’s remorse, and even most Black Friday deals are still eligible for returns through the holiday season. Keep in mind when purchasing if and when returns are allowed. If something in your cart has a no-return policy, the retailer is trying to ditch the item, which means you don’t need it either. For other purchases made, keep your receipts, because many purchases we make are on impulse. After a bit of thought, you might decide that you really don’t need the extra clutter.

Holiday sales are not always the great deal that they appear to be, and one of the best gifts is an organized space. There continues to be so much in our homes that we don’t even use, and although you can’t help the gifts you receive, many purchases that we make during the holiday season are for ourselves. Resist the urge to make the purchase of an item, and consider gifting experiences that add memories, not mess.

Cris Sgrott

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  • Hazel Thornton

    December 14, 2017at9:17 am Reply

    My kind of sale: Save up to 100% when you don’t buy anything!

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