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Organizing Gift Wrap this Holiday Season

Organizing Gift Wrap this Holiday Season

Every store is showcasing beautiful gift wrap for the holiday season, and who can resist? You’ll be buying and wrapping presents, so you don’t give it a second thought before purchasing a multi-pack of gorgeous wrapping paper. That is, until you get home and realize you still have five rolls of wrapping paper from last season. It’s hard to recall what you might have purchased a year ago, so before you get too excited, it’s time to organize what you already have. Organizing gift wrap is one way to keep your holidays fun instead of stressful.

Take Inventory

You wouldn’t be the first person to buy holiday wrapping paper and forget, especially if it was a great deal post-season. But you certainly don’t want to clutter your household with more than what you need. Take some time before the holidays to sort through bows, ribbon, gift wrap, gift bags, tissue paper, tape, and whatever else you like to use. Note down what supplies you actually need so that you can purchase from the holiday wrapping aisle with confidence.

Get Rid of Excess

Perhaps you bought ribbon with good intentions, but if you don’t use it, find someone who will and get it out of your space. And as much as we hate to say so, there is such a thing as too much gift wrap. You can only store so much without it becoming clutter, so make an effort to use what you have before you buy more. The holiday season is only once a year, so you might be surprised at how easy it is to keep a small stash.

Set Up a Gift Wrap Station

It is much easier to wrap presents when you have a dedicated space for it, rather than dragging the storage containers in and out, or having it constantly dominate the kitchen table. Set up a small pop-up table in a corner if you have the space. You’ll always know where the scissors and tape are, and you’ll have a comfortable space to work in without too much mess or stress.

Think About Storage Now

Is your current storage solution working for you? There are many ways to store wrapping supplies, whether under the bed, in the closet, or in an attic. Figure out now what storage solution is best for you and make adjustments if  what you did last year didn’t work well (crumpled paper is the worst). There are a lot of container options for wrap that keep it in good shape from one year to the next.

Organizing gift wrap will not only make wrapping gifts easy, but it will keep your home decluttered during and after the holiday season. There’s no reason to have three different types of snowflake wrap, or an entire bag of bows that didn’t get used last year, or the year before. Be critical with yourself about what you actually need, and you’ll find that gift wrapping is just as exciting without the unnecessary clutter.

Cris Sgrott

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