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12 Days of Christmas Organizing

12 Days of Christmas Organizing

The holiday season is meant to be joyous, but many people still report that their stress levels rise when they are supposed to be experiencing holiday cheer. It’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed, between Black Friday shopping, dinners, parties, community plays, and more. How will you keep everything in order when every single day seems full? These 12 days of Christmas organizing will help you have a stress-free home just in time for the holidays.

Day 1 – 12:

Day 1: Create a holiday to-do list – Break it down into categories if that helps you, but no matter how you organize it, get your list down on paper (or in an app).

Day 2: Set deadlines – Decide when and how that to-do list will get done – and put it on your calendar.

Day 3: Schedule holiday parties – If you’re having a party, let people know as soon as possible. Everyone is busy and you want it on their calendars. Also, planning a party early eliminates the last-minute rush.

Day 4: Send holiday cards early – Send cards and packages soon to avoid the rush to get them out on time.

Day 5: Declutter  – Get rid of anything that you don’t use before you’re overrun with holiday items.

Day 6: Sort through decorations – Do you really need all of those ornaments? If something is broken, or hasn’t been on the tree in years, time to get rid of it.

Day 7: Keep tabs on what you have – From gifts that you’ve purchased months ahead of time or how much wrapping paper you have left over from last year, don’t spend good money on duplicates.

Day 8: Sort through toys – For parents, this is a perfect time to sort through what your kids don’t need or play with to make room for incoming gifts.

Day 9: Don’t be a slave to tradition – If a running tradition is boring the older kids, or if something didn’t quite work last year, don’t be afraid to try something new or ditch an activity altogether. There are plenty of ways to celebrate and develop new traditions.

Day 10: Prioritize the important things – You may not have time for every activity you want to do. Prioritize what is most important, and do what you can with extra time.

Day 11: Do a little housework – Regardless of how many cookies need baked, the laundry still needs done. Don’t forget about the daily chores that keep your home running and ready for guests.

Day 12: Leave yourself time to relax – Don’t get too involved in all your planning, and take moments with your family to enjoy the neighborhood decorations and hot cocoa.

Staying organized during the holidays can be tough, but a little bit of preparation goes a long way. These tips can help you avoid overwhelm and appreciate the season.

Cris Sgrott

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