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Halloween Organizing

Halloween Organizing

Halloween is a much busier holiday than it used to be, and especially if you have kids, there is a lot to plan for. From trick-or-treating to class parties, to costume selection and decorations; with a bit of preparation you can be ready for it all. Read on for tips on Halloween organizing.

Costume Selection

When it comes to having an organizing and stress-free Halloween, it’s better to choose a costume earlier than later, because stores will sell out fast. You’ll also want to be mindful of the costume choice, depending on the weather in your area. Make sure that layers can be used if your Octobers are chilly. And make sure the costume is safe and that your child will be visible in the dark.

Handing out Candy

It may seem like the simplest part of Halloween, but it still requires some thought. Are you handing out candy, or are you just sitting a bowl on the porch with a “take one please” sign? Buying candy early ensures a better selection. If you do plan on giving out candy, make sure your porch light is on. It’s a well-known signal to trick-or-treaters that your house is a safe one to visit. For those not handing out candy, keep the porch light off if you don’t want your doorbell ringing all night long.


The Halloween season isn’t long, so you’ll want to get those decorations out as soon as possible. You can make it easy every year by organizing your Halloween decorations neatly in color-coded bins. Differentiate between the holidays with colored bins (orange and purple for Halloween, red and green for Christmas, pink and green for Easter). For larger items that don’t fit in bins, have a set space in the garage or attic that is only for Halloween decorations.


What traditions do you have each Halloween? Do you trick-or-treat with kids or attend a party? Knowing ahead of time what your activities will be for the season is helpful in Halloween organizing. If your family loves to carve pumpkins, make sure to do so closer to Halloween to avoid a rotting pumpkin on your porch by the time the day arrives. Planning on attending a party? Have your costume picked out earlier rather than later. If you are trick-or-treating, set expectations for your kids ahead of time, such as a time limit or specific areas or neighborhoods. You’ll also want to check with local guidelines about when trick-or-treating is allowed – some cities designate specific times, others change the day depending on when it falls.

Halloween organizing doesn’t have to be scary! Planning ahead will make sure that you and your family have a frighteningly fun time this Halloween season.

Cris Sgrott

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