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Jump into Fall Cleaning

Jump into Fall Cleaning

Everyone talks about spring cleaning, but why are we limiting a good cleaning to once a year? Fall cleaning is a great idea so that your home is ready for holiday guests. Regular maintenance is much easier to handle, and these fall organization tips aren’t as daunting as they sound. With cooler weather quickly approaching, there are many fall cleaning ideas that help you not only stay organized, but prepare for the upcoming seasonal changes.

Clean the Garage

We have talked about how to organize the garage for summer, but all areas can get cluttered even with the best of intentions. Gardening tools, water toys, lawn equipment, and more, must all find their place again. You also should consider how you want things stored until you’ll need them again next year. Avoid moisture around items that can rust or mold, and use wall hooks or shelves to keep items off the ground. If you get heavy winters, you’ll want to make sure that there is room for a car or two to keep out of the snow.

Store Backyard Items

When saying goodbye to summer, you should consider packing up the hammock, the pool, and the yard maintenance equipment. Stack patio furniture underneath a covered porch if possible, or invest in some heavy-duty outdoor covers that will stand up to winter weather. Make sure to clean and store outdoor items properly, or you’ll have a mess in the spring. For more complex items, like a pool, follow all manufacturer instructions so that you don’t have to worry about repairs later.

Prep Your Garden

For those who enjoy gardening, this is the perfect time to cultivate your plants for a beautiful spring. Reseed bare areas of your lawn with a winter fertilizer, and prune back overgrown shrubs and trees. Prepping your garden for the cold weather preserves plants all year long, and planting new bulbs can give you something to look forward to when spring does come around again.

Update your Indoor Space

If you need a fresh look for your home, bringing fall colors indoors can make a big difference. Exchange pastel colors for warmer reds and oranges, and decorate with pumpkins and gourds for a festive look. This is also a good opportunity to pack up summer items, such as your iced-tea brewer and marshmallow roasting sticks as part of your fall cleaning routine. Organize your kitchen so that the crockpot and casserole pans are easily accessible, so you can start looking forward to all those comfort meals on cold days.

Fall cleaning and organizing is easy, and it can also give you a lot to look forward to. Organizing now always pays of later, and seasonal cleaning definitely helps keep you more organized. Once everything is in its place and ready for the fall, you can sit back and enjoy the pumpkin spice flavors of the season.

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