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Maniacs’ Book Club ~ Spark Joy ~ Marie Kondo

Maniacs’ Book Club ~ Spark Joy ~ Marie Kondo

Report by Jennifer Sheller


In this follow up book to her first New York Times best-selling book which introduced the “Art of Tidying,” Marie Kondo gives readers a detailed blueprint on how to get organized. Everyone has a unique organizing style and although they may not follow her instructions to T, Kondo has brought a refreshing awareness to our relationship with our stuff.

“If it doesn’t spark joy, get rid of it”

A major theme throughout the book is the concept of becoming aware of how you feel about your things. Kondo recommends the reader reflect on the feelings and emotions that are invoked by different items. She suggests you hone in on your feelings by specifically asking, “Does this spark joy?”

If the answer is yes – then keep it, if the answer is no – get rid of it. Pretty simple, right?

As professional organizers, we know that this seemingly simple question can be layered with complexities and then compounded with brain-based conditions and life experiences. However, the concept lays a solid foundation for anyone wishing to organize their home and tidy their life!

The second part of the book, “The Tidying Encyclopedia” gives detailed instructions, paired with fun illustrations, on how to tidy and organize just about every type of item in your home. From folding socks to organizing medicines, there is a KonMarie Method for just about anything!

Organizing Maniac’s Takeaways

#1 – Give Gifts with Intention.

Gifts are given with an intention to convey thoughts and emotions, they are never intended to be a burden or clutter in the recipient’s life.

#2 – Organize by Category and Discard First.

Marie Kondo suggests putting every single item from a category into one pile on the floor. This may be a bit drastic and overwhelming for most people. I for one, wouldn’t want a gigantic pile of shoes in my living room. Chances are, once I put them there – I would get so overwhelmed, I would just leave them there!

#3 – Commit to Tidying Up.

Organizing your home can be a lengthy project. Marie Kondo refers to it as a year-long process. Many people expect to organize their homes in hours or in one day. It is important to think about how long it took for that clutter to accumulate. Most likely it has been building over weeks, months, even years. It is unrealistic to then assume it can be organized in a fraction of that time.

#4 – Visualize your Ideal Lifestyle in your Organized Home.

Take some time to reflect on how your ideal home would look. It is important to visualize the end goal and focus on how it would feel as well as the opportunities it would create for you and your family. Keep this vision in mind as you embrace the journey of tidying and revisit it whenever you feel overwhelmed or frustrated.

I am challenging you monthly to developing better habits around organizing! If you are accepting the challenge to develop better habits, join us on our Facebook conversation.

I hope you got great value from this blog and that you learn something about organizing that you didn’t know. And if you did, will you share it with a friend? I would love to make some new friends.

Happy Organizing!


Cris Sgrott

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