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Organizing for Summer: Road Trip

Organizing for Summer: Road Trip

It’s August. Are you trying to squeeze in a last-minute summer road trip? It can be a fantastic way to spend quality time with family and friends, and it is a less expensive form of travel that you have a lot of control over. You would think that since you’re not at the mercy of airlines that planning a road trip would be easy. However, if the road trip isn’t organized, you may only get a few hours in before things get stressful. Follow these simple tips, and you’ll be well on your way to an organized, fun road trip.

Car Maintenance

The best tip for the road trip is something you need to do before you even think about driving away: car maintenance and preparation. Change the oil, check the tires, and make sure your vehicle’s tags won’t expire while you’re gone. Include an emergency roadside kit in your packing list, with jumper cables, flares, and a spare tire. And know how to get in touch with your insurance company just in case. (Some people prefer to rent a car rather than put the miles on their own; we recommend checking with your credit card companies to see if any of them offer benefits like rental insurance so that you don’t have to pay the high fees for it from the agency).

Plan Your Trip

Unless you want your trip to be completely spontaneous, you’ll want to have a plan. Decide beforehand on your destination, and take a look at a map to see what is along the way. Are there museums worth taking a detour for? Is there site-seeing to view before the final destination? What do you want to eat? Are there bathrooms or rest stops along the way? Have an idea what the road you will be travelling looks like, so you don’t find yourself 100 miles away from the nearest gas station with an almost empty tank. Organizing the trip will save time, money, and stress.

Activities for the Road

You’ll want to consider how to fight boredom before it happens, especially if you’re traveling with kids. Think ahead about roadside games, and have a small activity center for each traveler. This can include books, coloring pages, snacks, and whatever else might keep passengers busy. Keep it organized with lap trays or behind-the-seat storage areas that are easy access. Small individual bags with multiple compartments are also great for storing road trip necessities.

Packing the Car

Here’s the secret to smart packing: organize what you pack with how quickly and easily you need to access it. So snacks and wipes and drinks should be within reach; suitcases can be in the back, at the bottom. Keep a first aid kit and medicines close by, and always take an extra jacket for each traveler.

Organizing your road trip will guarantee that the focus is on the fun you want to have. You can’t predict what will happen on the road, but you can make sure that you’re prepared. You’ll get to where you want to be with minimal stress, and knowing you planned accordingly, you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

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