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Organizing and Storing Messy Summer Stuff

Organizing and Storing Messy Summer Stuff

Summer is a wonderful time for many children.

They can play outside for long periods of time, and the options are endless and exciting. Unfortunately, many of these options can be messy. Sidewalk chalk, outdoor games, foam sports toys, water guns, and sprinklers and pools can create a mess, but they also can be difficult to store – and stressful for mom and dad.

Fortunately, there are multiple ways to make the potential issues less stressful – to enjoy a peaceful summer while the kids enjoy an active summer. The following suggestions are just a sample of what parents and caregivers can do to organize and store small or messy summer stuff:

Labeled Wire Shelving and Buckets

















Wooden Benches with Sliding, Plastic Drawers
















Pool Accessory Storage in a Pallet





















Hanging Plastic Crates












These are only a few creative ways for adults to reduce summer stress – to organize beforehand for the avalanche of activities and toys children enjoy so much – to plan long-term storage in advance and allow fun to occur without the hassle of constant clean-up and oversight.

Whether you are creative enough to take these examples and tailor fun solutions of your own or you struggle to think of things like this, the possibilities are nearly endless. Either way, we at Organizing Maniacs are here to help you discover what you can do with what you have. Let us help you make your summers as fun and stress-free as possible.

Cris Sgrott

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