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Organizing for Summer: Maintaining the Yard

Organizing for Summer: Maintaining the Yard

Summer is the perfect time for outdoor activities: Picnics at the park, games in the yard, and fun times at the pool. However, summer also comes with tedious chores that can easily get out of hand. Organizing everything you need for yard care can be a challenge. It’s common to get no more than halfway through the summer before you suddenly can’t find the gardening tools or fit the mower in the shed.

It may be tempting to let the sun conquer the grass and allow the hedges to grow untamed, but don’t lose hope yet. You still have plenty of summer days, and with these organization tips, caring for your yard will be a summer breeze.

Safety First

The last thing you want to do is trip over the hose as you’re reaching for the shears. Whether it’s a shed or a garage, there are plenty of ways to keep a clear path. A hose reel avoids a tangled mess, and it eliminates a hazard. Park the lawn mower out of the way so you’re not stumbling over it, and make sure you keep anything with a sharp edge of reach of small hands. Nails or hanging organizers with pockets are perfect to keep dangerous tools up and out of the way.

Group Similar Tools Together

If you maintain a garden, keep all the gardening tools in one area. Everything you use for trimming, like hedge clippers or weed trimmers, should have a designated area. Make it so that it’s easy to access everything you need for the summer chore you’ve decided to tackle so that you don’t lose motivation just looking for the tools you need.

Set a Schedule

Mowing is a more time-consuming process if the grass has grown passed your ankles. If you’ve ever mowed an untamed lawn, you know that it can easily take more of your precious summer day than a quick trim does, so make regular upkeep part of your summer. And what’s more upsetting than having your floaties ready, only to realize you haven’t skimmed the pool in a few days? Organizing when you do the summer chores keeps you on track, saving you from having to battle overgrown weeds or algae growing in the pool.

Organizing for the summer leaves more time for the activities you actually want to do. While maintaining the yard (and the fun activities your family shares in it) can certainly be demanding, it can be much simpler when you’ve got all the equipment exactly where you need it.

Cris Sgrott

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