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Declutter and Organize Your Living Room

Declutter and Organize Your Living Room

How did you feel the last time you sat alone in your living room? What about the last time you invited friends over to your house? Were you worried about how your living room looks or feels? Did you go on a clearing or cleaning spree? Is there still stuff in your end tables where you hid it the last time someone dropped by? When you look at your living room, does it bring you peace and contentment – or are you anxious in any way?

Your living room can be a place to relax, to feel peace and tranquility. You may use it to entertain friends and guests, to take a break from everyday activities and simply enjoy life – by yourself or with family and friends. Clutter detracts from that relaxation and enjoyment, both visually and psychologically.

Organizing Maniacs to the rescue! Whether you need us to come help you get your living room under control or you just need some quick, easy ways to organize and declutter your living room on your own, keep reading!

You can organize your living room without it being stressful or expensive. And it definitely does not need to be done all at once; in fact, tackling it one step at a time is the best approach. Start this week with these ideas for decluttering; we’ll also explore how to make your living room a place you enjoy being.


Use bookshelves for more than just books. You can dedicate entire bookshelves to specific things (books, glass and/or crystal, picture frames, travel mementos, etc.). Or, you can alternate shelves with each type of item above. Either option can be appealing, so experiment with a few configurations until you find the look that appeals most to you.

If you need to have a working desk in your living room, short bookcases can be the ends of the table. A polished, glass-topped board can serve as the table top. Office supplies can be stored in the bookshelves. The glass table top makes colored lamps seem softer and more homey than they would on a standard office desk.

Small Containers

Use smaller, decorated containers to hold items like catalogs, office supplies, children’s school supplies and homework. Also, memory-laden items that don’t need to be showcased, and even remote controls for the TV. Metal buckets (perhaps covered with decorative cloth or even burlap), woven baskets, glass jars, small vases, and coffee or classic beer mugs can all work to contain clutter while adding personality and beauty to the room. Baskets, buckets, and even plastic containers also can hold smaller jars, mugs, and vases – which adds another layer of decluttering charm. Wire baskets can be mounted on the wall, especially if they hold appealing items that would constitute clutter if kept somewhere else.

The idea behind organizing your living room is to maximize the use of your entire living room space, add visually interesting and appealing imagery. It will allow you to personalize and accentuate your unique style and taste, and, most importantly, allow you to relax, refresh, and re-energize. It will turn your former “living room” into an actual place where you want to live.

Cris Sgrott

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