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Organized Travel: Packing Clothing

Organized Travel: Packing Clothing

by Cris Sgrott-Wheedleton

In my last post about getting organized to travel, I talked about the enormous task of planning the trip. But when all the planning is done, it’s really the packing that causes all the stress. Take too much, and the luggage fees at the airport will break the bank. Don’t take enough and you spend the whole trip freezing or boiling depending on the weather.

So to make your summer travel even easier, we’re going to talk about how to pack clothing so that you can fit what you need. Also we’ll cover how to minimize wrinkles, stuff it all in, and avoid being overwhelmed. What I’ve discovered is that in the heat of the moment, common sense disappears when people prepare for travel. We all get this overwhelming urge to pack too many clothes – usually with the justification that something might happen that will require more clothes than you would normally take. We pack clothes for travel based on “what if” rather than what is most likely.

So think about this: unless you’re traveling to some out-of-the-way place where there are no signs of civilization and no ability to stop by a store, it is almost always cheaper to purchase replacement clothing while traveling than to take extra clothing with you. When it comes to organized travel, packing clothing should be about taking what you know you’ll need and deal with the “what if” scenarios if they arise.

Packing Tips for Organizing Your Suitcase

  • Tightly roll softer items and fold stiffer ones.
  • Pack rolled items first, placing them at the bottom of the suitcase or bag.
  • Put the folded items next, on top of the rolled ones. Alternate waistbands and hems so that bulky waistbands are not on top of each other.
  • Separate the layers of clothing by inserting a folded dry-cleaning bag (or large grocery or garbage bag) between them (which you can later use for laundry).
  • Place three or four laundry sheets in your bag to help keep everything smelling fresh.
  • Place the clothing you will need first on top of everything else.
  • Wrap any belts around the clothing after you have completed packing everything else.

There is no reason to let packing clothes be a major headache as you prepare to travel. Remember the basic rule in everything that “less is more”. Also, keep in mind that taking fewer clothes allows you to take more other items that will enhance your travel. You can also bring home things you otherwise might have to ship home at much higher cost.

Cris Sgrott

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