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Tax Refund Joy: How to Spend Your Tax Refund

Tax Refund Joy: How to Spend Your Tax Refund

by Cris Sgrott-Wheedleton

Have you filed your taxes yet? Are you getting a tax refund? It’s that time of year again!

We spend a lot of time helping people get their paperwork organized for tax season, but it’s worth the effort. When you have all of your records organized, filing taxes is easier – and you remember to deduct all of those miscellaneous expenses that you might otherwise forget.

If you’re getting a tax refund this year, you could go on vacation or pay off a bill. But, if you want to invest in something that you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come, consider investing in a home improvement project.

Whether you update your kitchen or add a new coat of paint, not only do investments in your home add resale value but they also make it more enjoyable to live in your home. One of the ways many of our clients have spent a portion of their tax return is on a full garage organization project.

Organizing your garage in the spring pays off all year

When you organize your garage in the spring, you can put your tax refund to a use that will keep paying you back. You’ll gain access to the garage to store sports equipment and camping gear for your spring and summer fun. You’ll probably find enough “stuff” to get rid of to make a little more money from a garage sale. Then when winter rolls around you can actually fit your car in the garage and you’ll be celebrating all over again. If you’re thinking of selling your home in the near future, an organized garage can make a difference in how well-received your home is by potential buyers.

From organizing your garage to make space for your car, to turning the space into an entertainment area, there is so much potential with this space that is often used as a simple clutter-catcher. We love helping our clients discover all of the space they really have.

If you’re getting a tax refund, give yourself the gift of an organized garage. For other ideas about how to spend your tax refund in a way that creates lasting value, visit our friends at SelfStorage.com.

Cris Sgrott

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