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How to Organize: I Might Need This Someday

How to Organize: I Might Need This Someday

One of the most difficult aspects of organizing for many of our clients is getting rid of the “I might need this someday” things. If you don’t experience strong attachment to your “stuff” it isn’t so hard. When you struggle with the idea of getting rid of anything because you might need it, deciding what you can part with can be impossible.

We discovered a really simple way to prioritize stuff in terms of value. We worked with clients who were downsizing to smaller spaces. Even if you’re not moving but just want to get rid of clutter or have more open space, you can use a ranking system. This system will have clear, concise categories to help you decide what to keep – and “someday” just isn’t an option!

I Love My Stuff This Much

A simple ranking system that seems to be effective for some people focuses on the number of rooms available for storing your stuff. Ask yourself what would you keep if you were forced to live in a one-bedroom apartment or a studio. The power of this approach is that it is focuses exclusively on available space. It takes a vague concept (I might need this someday…) and changes it into a more concrete question (Will this item fit into this specific space?). If the size of the space doesn’t work for you, think about this: What you would keep if you were going traveling for a year, or stranded on a deserted island.

From I Can’t Live Without It to Why Do I Still Have It

The point is, use some kind of exercise to sort your stuff into categories. These categories range from “I truly can’t live without this” to “If I can find a way to include this I will” to “I really don’t have any use for this at all, no matter how much I love it.” Don’t let someday control your life!

If you really want this to work, don’t do it in your head. Do it in writing. Don’t revisit it after it is done. Don’t change the assigned rank once it is given. Once the list is complete, only change it by adding new objects to it.

There are multiple ranking systems different people can use to organize the value of their possessions. No one system will work for everyone. However, there is a system that will work for each individual person.

Finding or creating a system that will work for you might be difficult – or even impossible on your own. We can help you discover a systematic approach to organizing your belongings. We can help increase the peace you feel throughout the process. That’s why we are here.

Cris Sgrott

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