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Back to School Means Back to Organization

Back to School Means Back to Organization

According to a study released today by our friends at SpareFoot.com, the place to find the best deals on self-storage and full-service storage, 45 percent of Americans believe fall (Back to School time) is the best time to get organized – debunking the notion that spring cleaning is the most opportune time to get your home in order. Other findings include:

  • 39% of Americans cite that it takes less than one week after summer break to become disorganized again (including 46% of millennials)
  • Nearly half of Americans (47%) admit there have been many times when they couldn’t park their car in the garage because it was too cluttered
  • 80% of parents say it takes longer to get ready in the morning once school starts

SpareFoot put together this fantastic infographic from the survey:

Back to School - Move Over Spring Cleaning: It’s Fall’s Turn to Declutter

Cris Sgrott

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