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What Should I Organize First?

What Should I Organize First?

We get a lot of great questions from clients, but one of the questions we hear all the time, is “What should I organize first?” It’s a great question, but the answer can be different depending on what you are trying to accomplish.

With all of the books out there about organizing your life, decluttering, or even just living with less, knowing where to start can be tougher than ever. I find these three approaches work best:

Organize to Create Space

If you simply feel overwhelmed with all you have collected and need to open up your space, this is the approach for you. Maybe you’re moving – or maybe you aren’t moving, but just want to enjoy your home more while you live there.

If you want to organize or declutter your whole house, the best method for organizing to create space is to start with the basement or garage. That way, you have a place to put everything as you work on the rest of the house by giving you an “I will put it here for now” space. When you have a place to put everything you aren’t sure about or need to store out of the way, starting with a designated storage space can make every step of the organizing process a lot easier.

Organize the Place you’re Least Emotionally Invested

If organizing is difficult for you, or you have a hard time letting go of items that you have an emotional attachment to, it’s best to start with a space where you don’t have too much emotion involved. While this may be a garage or basement, it may also be a home office or den, or perhaps a formal living room where you spend very little time. If your home office is the home for all of your just-left-for-college kid’s memorabilia, it might not be the best room to start with, because it will be too difficult to make decisions about what to keep and what to let go. But by starting with a less emotional area of your home, you get started on organizing your home, and as you see the benefit, it gets easier to move to the tougher rooms.

Pick a Small Space

For some people, the whole idea of organizing is so overwhelming they simply can’t face it. If this is you, it’s ok to choose a small space to organize first. Start with organizing your junk drawer or the linen closet. I love organizing my pantry. It takes me a couple of hours, but when I am done, I feel like I can conquer the world…with organization! I can’t stop looking at it every time I go by.

Organizing your life, home, or office can be a difficult, overwhelming process. The Organizing Maniacs understand the challenge and help you work through it one step at a time. Learn more.

Cris Sgrott

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