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Don’t Put the Container before the Clutter

Don’t Put the Container before the Clutter


One of the most common questions we get from clients before our appointments is, “What kind of containers should I get before you come?”

The answer is none!

Before you spend hours trying to find the perfect container bins, you should first go through everything. You only need to organize what you’re planning to keep, so buying containers first will almost always mean going back to return some later.

I hope that doesn’t take the fun out of shopping!

Organize First, then Buy Bins

The Container Store has all kinds of bins to meet your needs

The Container Store has all kinds of bins to meet your needs

We recently worked with a client who had 75 pairs of shoes.  We are going to leave this client nameless – shoe lovers unite!  She wanted her shoes to be placed in containers with a picture added to the front of each shoe bin. Brilliant way to organize the shoes, but as we sorted and organized (and organized) her shoes, she got rid of half of them.  Some were very old and no longer loved; some were painful to wear or caused blisters; some were out of style.

We keep all of the shoes that “sparked joy” and got rid of the rest.  Had she bought bins for 75 pairs of shoes, it would have required a trip to return them.

This is one simple example, however, when you are doing complex projects, you may need different kinds of containers of difference sizes and shapes, and you won’t even really know what you need until the organizing project begins to take shape.

This is another reason why working with professional organizers can be helpful.   We know the Container Store number by heart, and we know all of the products available that can best fulfill your organizing needs.  We can definitely save you multiple trips to get the right bins.

Once you are organized and know what you are keeping, figuring out containers is a lot easier.

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Cris Sgrott

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