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Organize Now, Not When Your Home Is for Sale

Organize Now, Not When Your Home Is for Sale

Organize now to enjoy your home

Organize now to enjoy your home

We work with many real estate agents and their clients to prepare a home to put on the market. Do you know what we hear most from the homeowner?

“Why did I wait this long to get organized?”

That’s a great question!  Why wait when you can enjoy your home and organize now?

There are two benefits to organizing your home now:

One, if you organize now, while you’re still living in and enjoying your home, you can actually enjoy the space you create by having a more organized, clutter-free home that is easier to keep clean.

Two, selling a home and moving are incredibly stressful life events. If you do wait to deal with organizing, too, it adds even more stress to the process.

Organizing your entire home can be very time-consuming but the payoff is enormous. These tips will help you get started and stay successful on your organizing quest:

When organizing your home, start small.

If you think about organizing your whole home as one project, you might get overwhelmed before you even start. Instead, pick a small area to start with, like a closet or a cabinet.  In the beginnging, doing small projects will build your confidence.  As you see the success of organizing a small space like a closet and cabinet, you may decide you are ready to tackle a larger space, like a bedroom or playroom. Again, don’t let the prospect of organizing your space overwhelm you. Take it slowly and enjoy the progress.

When you decide to organize your home, tell a friend.

Studies show that when you tell others about your goals, you are more likely to succeed, because your friends will hold you accountable. Tell your friend what you are doing and what your goal is. It’s possible that you and a friend can work together to organize both of your homes. Not only will it be more fun to work with a friend, but you’ll keep each other motivated to keep going, too.

Plan ahead before you begin your organizing project.

How many times have you decided to organize something and then end up spending all day at the store looking for just the right storage containers? You may even come home with a car full of more things you now have to find places for! Worse yet, you decide to organize but take a quick break that turns into four episodes of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix. It’s easy to fall into traps that keep you from completing your organizing goals, so it’s important to plan ahead.  When you decide to start an organizing project, put it on the calendar. Don’t buy the supplies ahead of time – and keep the TV off so that you won’t be tempted. (Crank the radio instead – music motivates us!)

Organize now, not when your home is for sale.  Organizing your entire home especially if it is well lived in it and you have collected things for a long time – can be very daunting. So start small, get your friends to help motivate you, and plan ahead. If you still feel like the project is more than you can handle but you don’t want to wait until you’re selling your home to get started, our Maniacs would love to help. Learn more about how we help you organize your home.

Happy Organizing!


Cris Sgrott

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