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How To – Spring Clean Your Home Office

How To – Spring Clean Your Home Office

A Peaceful Home Office  Photo Credit: Copyright: iriana88w / 123RF Stock Photo

A Peaceful Home Office
Photo Credit: Copyright: iriana88w / 123RF Stock Photo

Winter has come and gone.  Well, and kind of come back again.  But have no fear, it will eventually be Spring!  To prepare, check out our favorite tips for how to spring clean your home office.



Just like the sky clears up and lets the sunlight through, now’s the time to clear some of the piles and let your productivity shine through in your office.  Consider starting with old magazines or coupons that have expired.  Pop those into the recycling bin and keep moving forward or call it quits for the day knowing you’ve made good progress on your organizing goals.

Still have some organizing energy left over?  Look around your office for anything that doesn’t spark the joy that Marie Kondo encourages you to find and let it go.  Donate, trash, or recycle that item.  Great work!



Is your office layout feeling stale?  Do you find yourself avoiding going into your home office?  These could be signs that it’s time to spruce up your space without spending any money by simply redesigning the layout of your home office furniture.  Try facing your desk towards a new window or out the entryway so you can see what’s happening around the house.  Can’t rearrange the furniture?  Consider moving some artwork or putting new pieces up on the wall or on the bookshelves.



Designate different areas of your home office to serve specific purposes.  Have a printing zone, a resources zone, a trash and recycling zone, or a computer zone.  Keeping all of your items corralled around their common purpose will help you find items you need and also help you maximize your productivity by keeping all items you need for tasks easily at hand.


Happy Organizing!

Cris Sgrott

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