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How To – Get your Family On Board with Organizing

How To – Get your Family On Board with Organizing

Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/51580358202876971/

Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/51580358202876971/

How To – Get your Family On Board. Part 1

Having a clean house while raising children often times seems like an oxi-moron and without a lot of support and a lot of time, the Pottery Barn catalog picture may be unrealistic for many of us with a busy DC Metro area family. But not to worry, there is hope and there is balance between a hectic home and a busy yet organized command center for the family.  Below are our tips to get your family on board with organizing.


Work with each other, not against each other

I know the kids in my house are all about everything needing to look and feel exactly fair. No one wants to take the trash out unless each other child has done it the exact same amount of times. No one wants to pick up the deck of playing cards and put it away because other members of the family used it to play, too. Sometimes it can be more exhausting trying to get the kids to help than to just do everything oneself or to let it go and move on to the next thing. Consider letting the kids help come up with the chore schedule. Instead of assigning chores, give them a list of 2-5 options and let them pick the ones they feel best suited for. Let them barter with each other and trade chores of days they just aren’t feeling it. The more kids feel like they are a part of the process, the more willing they are to contribute.


Break up the work into smaller chunks

Cleaning and organizing your home can seem like a huge project. Rather than looking for a hour or longer block of time in which the family can come together and get things done, consider using shorter bursts of time to get a whirlwind of cleaning and organizing done. Create a playlist with one song on it for each of the family members. Pop that playlist on right before or after dinner and work, work, work until it stops. If you have a family of 4, this should be for less than 20 minutes. Don’t like to work to music? Set and time and work until that 10 minute buzzer goes off. Knowing that you only have to work a set amount of time rather than until the project is finished can make the task much less daunting.

Cris Sgrott

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