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How To – Organize Your Office

Office Organization services

How To – Organize Your Office

Office Organization servicesHow To – Organize Your Office

Keep your style in mind

Does your desk face away from the rest of the house and leave you staring at a blank wall? Is it dark and you thrive on light? Is it cold and you work better in the warm? Does the artwork inspire or distract you? Set yourself up for success before even starting by making sure that you’re setting up your physical surroundings in a way that works for you.


Get good storage

It’s a Pinterest world out there. We all want pretty, inexpensive, repurposed, chalk painted antiques storing our stuff. But the reality is that sometimes we need practical. We need form to happily marry function. Make sure that whatever your design style is, it leaves you with enough storage to fit the things you actually use. If you have a paper-heavy office, get good filing storage.   If you keep inventory of stock, make sure your shelving is adjustable and fits what you need to store. Live in your world, not Pinterest’s ideal.


Have a good filing system

Whether it’s paper-based or mostly electronic, make sure your filing system can keep up with your business or home office. We may not like dealing with paper, but it is the key to a happy office. Again, don’t try to fit yourself into a system that wasn’t designed for your brain-type or your work style. If you like to pile and not file, you go with that. Just do it intentionally and with a plan. If you are tech savvy, get good software to support your needs.


Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance

Sometimes I wish I had a ‘pause’ button for life so I could have two or three days to take care of all my lingering projects and things I can never get to. Unfortunately, I haven’t found one yet. What I have found, is that even if I have only 5 or 10 minutes, if I just them purposefully, things stay more under control. If a task takes less than 5 minutes to do, I don’t put it off. I spend time straightening up a room before leaving it for the night, I’ll do only 5 minutes of dishes and however far I get is still further than nothing at all. Develop a maintenance strategy that works for you and find a way to stick with it.


Happy Organizing!


Cris Sgrott

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