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Book Club – A Twist of Lyme

Book Club – A Twist of Lyme

A Twist of Lyme

A Twist of Lyme

Book Club – A Twist of Lyme

“A Twist of Lyme – Battling a Disease that Doesn’t Exist” is author Andrea Caesar’s personal memoir, in which she bravely narrates her difficult battle with Borrelia burgdorferi, better known as Lyme disease. She shares her intimate stories to bring comfort and hope to others that share her afflictions.

A few of the symptoms of chronic Lyme disease include severe fatigue, intense body aches and pains, and severe neurological problems. All of these affect one’s ability to organize their home and their time.

Alex and Cris both agreed that they were surprised to learn of all the neurological issues associated with Lyme. Coupled with physical aches and pains, diseases that affect the brain cause one to think differently and can cause complications in the transfer of thoughts into actions.

Patti and Jocelyn felt that the book highlights the issue that you cannot always see an illness.   It’s important not to judge someone by how they look or act, because you never know what battles they are facing. Mimi added that just because someone does not have a clear diagnosis from a medical professional, you cannot count out their symptoms. Everyone deserves compassion.

Stephanie felt the book showcased the extent of loneliness that people feel when they are battling a disease. “Twist of Lyme” was intended to bring people together, by giving them the comfort in knowing other people are experiencing the same things and better preparing them for things to come.  She also noted that it is extremely important to not characterize a person by their illness and disease.

Jennifer thought the book taught people how to be better supporters to their family and friends with health issues by simply listening.   “Sometimes the best way to help is to just sit and be with them. It can be extremely hard to ask for, but just want they need,” agreed Wendy.

The Maniacs all agree, they thank Andrea Caesar for sharing her story and send her strength on her road to recovery.

Cris Sgrott

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